Let's Turn Hype into Hope

As we sit in the hype of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and the like, healthcare organizations are flooded with prospective, data-driven solutions, such as digital therapies, telemedicine, and blockchain for the exchanging of clinical data.

There is no mistaking that there are opportunities for application and value to be gained from these advancements, but is it enough to reach the tipping point healthcare so desperately needs?

Not by itself. The vast offerings involving data and technology are quite the shiny, hefty hammers to have in the toolbox, but those tools need steady hands to guide them. That's where it becomes crucial to have deep passion, a solid foundation, and devotion to all-things healthcare to provide that stability.

The Value of Context

Many professionals finding success outside of healthcare may view this market like many others and take for granted its complexities when it comes to applying and showing value with data and technology. Privacy, security, regulations, and the economy of healthcare all guide (or possibly limit) the impact of these advancements. It also makes it imperative for entrepreneurs and data scientists alike to have a firm grasp of these differences to truly make an impact.

A machine can only answer the questions it's given and can only leverage what tools and information it has at its disposal. The human-in-the-loop must be able to:

  1. Ask the appropriate questions
  2. Be certain the machine is fed accurate, meaningful, and reliable data
  3. Tune the output to be advantageous to a user
  4. Know when it's time to try again

The Power of Passion

At the core of healthcare is the patient, and more specifically patient health. With an often times fragile core, small changes in policy, innovation, and even patient preferences can bring waves of disruption. Therefore, players in this space must keep this fragile core close to their mission.

While each of us has had the opportunity in our careers to venture out of the healthcare space, we each chose to stay. We chose this path not because the grass wasn't greener, but because we wanted to accept the challenge of fighting for what we believe in—improving patient outcomes. While data and technology are key to the success of our clients in their efforts to improve patient care, we have infused our passion into our mission to help guide them there. 

NTELLISIGHTS was built by individuals that know healthcare and are driven with a passion for patients. We are able to collaborate effectively with others who share our mission, primarily clinicians who are on the front lines, and bring value back to the healthcare organizations they serve. Over 60 years of healthcare experience (yes, not all of us are Millennials!) has created a group of mavens that deeply understand clinical and social data, care coordination workflows, and more importantly how to successfully implement, adopt, and create value with a SaaS solution. NTELLISIGHTS is driven to empower our clients to make a difference to patients, providers, and the healthcare community at large. We have built our careers around this mission, we have built our solution around this mission, and we deliver around this mission. We know that many of our clients share these same goals and we want to be there as a partner to reach them. Join us.