NTOWN Community Network

When NSIGHTS identifies a patient as high-risk or a potential population health strategy, our NTOWN solution helps connect your care team to the proper community resources and clinical partners. NTOWN is your own customized resource database to help inform intervention strategies and guide patients to better health outcomes through the services available in your own backyard. 

Community Resources

Our client implementation specialists are with you throughout the journey to help identify and onboard valuable community resources into workflow. These resources, such as food pantries, homeless shelters, and transportation services are a vital part to reducing risk in your most vulnerable populations. Therefore, we place importance on developing relationships and forming meaningful clinical and social partnerships with these entities. 

Clinical Partners

Post-acute care needs, such as pharmacy and rehabilitation services, must be met once a patient leaves your facility. While these are some of the most vital interventions, coordination with these trusted partners can be the hardest to traverse. We take pride in facilitating and maintaining these relationship with your extended care teams. 

Get Started

Are you struggling to connect with community resources? Do you want to join us as a trusted partner? Let's get started today! 

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