NSIGHTS Analytics Engine

NTELLISIGHTS utilizes data warehousing, machine learning, and proprietary algorithms to profile, predict, and stratify each patient's risk level—starting at admission. This healthcare analytics software solution is multidimensional and utilizes clinical data coupled with external socioeconomic data to give a holistic view of the patient. This allows for targeted interventions when patients are identified as high risk.

Descriptive Analytics

You must walk before you run. We start every partnership with a population profile to help better quantify the current state of your organization. Understanding your unique patient population, needs, and culture sets the tempo for building community partnerships and building trust with front-line team members. This evaluation also helps build the strongest foundation for setting data-driven strategies using our advanced analytic and workflow solutions. 


  • Rolling Readmission Statistics
  • Readmissions by Hospital
  • Monthly Readmission Trends
  • Top Reasons for Readmissions
  • Analysis of Intervention Activities to Outcomes
  • Census and Discharge Statistics

Predictive Analytics 

Yes, we have a crystal ball. Our solution adapts to complex data streams, consuming clinical research and resolving cognitive dissonance. We pair your valuable clinical data with vast amounts of social, economic, and behavioral factors to provide the most comprehensive view of a patient's risk. Our machine learning algorithms identify high risk patients and predict the likelihood of future clinical events. The analytics engine continuously “retrains” itself as new data are collected and gives visuals to the care team as the patient progresses. Model outputs and custom intervention insights are provided to your care team for easy application and integrated workflows. 

Measurable Outcomes 

We want our solutions to work for you. Our operational reporting and outcomes assessment modules allow you to keep a constant pulse on your key performance indicators and quickly identify successes and additional opportunities for improvement. Data analysis and interpretation are presented in a manner that supports continuous progression of you clinical and care management programs. It gives your team the ability to identify drivers of risk by patient sub-population, such as demographic and diagnosis/condition cohorts. 

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With our deep expertise in the healthcare technology field, we provide collaborative partnerships with each of our clients. NTELLISIGHTS partners with you to improve how you coordinate care and utilize resources. Are you struggling with care management or care coordination? Get started today by requesting a demo. 

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