Seamless Integration and Communication

NPROCESS facilitates a seamless workflow process by culminating all vital patient data in one place. A central point of contact and documentation can effectively manage specific patients and coordinate with the care team. Through alerts and messaging, teams are informed of changes in patient risk scores or if deviation of care plans occur. From this, the care team is able to react immediately to provide corrective action. The NPROCESS workflow platform provides guidelines, checklists, reminders, and notes so all clinicians and staff stay connected.


Custom Intervention Strategies

Our seasoned healthcare data scientists and developers stay at the forefront of emerging regulatory shifts and intervention strategies for high risk patients so that care coordinators have the best, data-driven tools to do their job. The NPROCESS solution provides a unique approach to intervention strategies by giving providers and administrators the power to develop unique interventions to meet unique patient needs. In addition, interventions can be scheduled for particular times or points in the care pathway. Interventions can also be tagged to particular community resources using our NTOWN solution.