Advisory Services

NTELLISIGHTS has a deep bench of talent including healthcare data architects, data scientists, implementation and project management specialists, case management professionals, and regulatory experts, all at your fingertips. We provide a full suite of healthcare specific advisory services based on our knowledge that uniquely compliment with the full NTELLISIGHTS solution suite.

Our healthcare advisory services include:

Analytic & Population Health Support

Data Deep Dive

Healthcare data is messy, but oh-so valuable. NTELLISIGHTS can make sense of your data—visualizing trends and breaking down the drivers of those trends. We go even further and assist with developing strategies for managing these trends. We can find your points of patient leakage, determine beneficial clinical programs to implement, or uncover possible care access and availability concerns. We are trained data-whisperers and know how to get your data to divulge its secrets.

Palliative Care

The National Palliative Care Registry estimates that for the nearly 8% of all hospital admissions that need palliative care, only half actually receive it. Using a client’s EHR data, NTELLISIGHTS can help to identify advanced illness patients that could benefit from palliative care services within the next 3 to 12 months. Being able to recognize and understand these patients can aid in aligning the proper service offerings—allowing patients to receive care at their preferred location and minimizing unnecessary cost to your organization.  

Non-Urgent ED Frequent Flyers

One out of every five ED visits could be managed in a physician office or urgent care center, creating excessive spending for an organization. Can you spot a frequent flyer in your ED? We can. We will be a partner in profiling this patient population and assist in developing the proper interventions to steer them to a more appropriate care setting or clinical care program.  Data-driven insights for this point of entry  can have downstream impact, beginning  with augmenting care navigator bandwidth.

Care Management Solutioning & Augmentation

Create call center, home health or telehealth options for outsource or augmentation of care management services. This gives patients a diverse range of accessibility based on client's budget and patient preferences. Drive patient retention and clinical engagement by connecting affiliated primary care or specialty offices with customized data and coordination services. Grow the capacity to do more without augmenting staff. We’ll help teams optimize their care management strategies with embedded care management resources.

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