Our qualified team has chosen every detail of the NTELLISIGHTS solution so that it works to solve the ongoing challenges of managing high-risk populations. We want our technology to work for our clients, not against them. Therefore, we work with you throughout the engagement to prioritize successful patient experiences and create a healthier population. The service level we provide for each engagement complements our solution in a way that differentiates us from other software solutions. Below are the main areas where we stand apart: 

Deep Partnership & Emerging Expertise

From first meeting to implementation to ongoing support, your success is our priority. Creating an accurate product is only half the battle. We understand that meaningful impact comes from trust and adoption which brings about the greatest change and value back to our clients. Our team provides extensive support and training before, during and after rollout to ensure a smooth adoption.

The NTELLISIGHTS team has a deep bench of talent with over 65 years of combined experience in healthcare technology. Our team has in-depth knowledge in data system architecture, predictive analytics, geo-temporal analytics, clinical applications, and risk adjustment methodologies. Our seasoned healthcare data scientists and developers stay at the forefront of emerging regulatory shifts and best practices for high risk patients. We've walked in your shoes and understands the delicate balance of providing excellent patient care and managing fiscal responsibilities. 

Analytic Approach & Measurable Outcomes

Studies show that the ability to reduce a patient's risk of readmission drops dramatically at and after discharge. Therefore, our approach is to begin assessing risk upon admission, and update that risk as new data become available. This allows for the greatest ability for intervention and support. In addition, our analytics will provide clinicians with not just who to engage, but how. Each risk assessment comes with custom, data-driven recommended interventions to help guide workflows and improve outcomes. 

Hospitals and health systems are facing continued pressure from CMS and other entities to improve quality across the continuum of care. Too many are facing heavy penalties, resulting in a reduction of revenue. We work with you to establish goals and measure progress over time to ensure your improving outcomes and lowering costs. Our custom intervention recommendations help to personalize the care each patient receives. In turn, our monitoring and reporting capabilities allow for line of sight into how interventions measure up and where additional opportunities for improvement may exist. 

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