Leigh McCormack

Chief Analytics Officer

Leigh McCormack is a seasoned data scientist, statistician and researcher with a decade of experience in healthcare analytics in the academic and payer space. Leigh provides unique insights on building, maintaining, and integrating predictive models that enhance clinical strategy, operational efficiency, and consumer experience. Her passion for healthcare initiatives and policies have led to her deep understanding of the systems and processes that generate and utilize healthcare data. She has pioneered the acquisition and integration of non-traditional data sources, such as lifestyle information, consumer preferences, and social determinants of health into meaningful analytic strategies and she is dedicated to building the data infrastructure and efficient processes needed to ensure the optimal impact of advanced analytics for an organization.

Leigh attained a degree in mathematics from the University of Alabama and a graduate degree in biostatistics from the University of Alabama, Birmingham. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in health policy with a concentration in health informatics and information management.