Guru Kora

PYA Analytics, LLC

Guru Kora is the Chief Technology Officer at PYA Analytics, LLC, a data analytics company headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. PYA Analytics specializes in helping companies and organizations utilize their enterprise data and other private and public data to improve profit margins, decrease costs, and mitigate risk. Guru is responsible for vision and strategy of the development of technology driven solutions for the healthcare and life sciences industries.

At PYA Analytics, the interdisciplinary nature of Guru's research experience is applied to ensure that the span of current technologies is efficiently applied to our client's real-world problems. He leads development of numerous data driven healthcare solutions that integrate a wide range of client enterprise data (e.g.. clinical, practice management, human resources, financial, call center, etc.) with non-enterprise data (e.g.. demographic, economic, geospatial, etc.).

Prior to joining PYA Analytics, Guru was a technical architect for more than 20 years at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), serving in various technology leadership roles. His core research focus area at ORNL was scientific computing, largely driven by the Department of Energy's bioenergy and bioremediation missions.