About Us

NTELLISIGHTS is a turnkey predictive analytics and SaaS solution that enables hospitals to reduce costs, support better outcomes and drive revenue through increasing patient loyalty. Our solution partners your team with our experienced advisors to design a program to best serve your most vulnerable patient population. Our technology solutions are custom configured to support your clinical programs, optimize resources, and continually monitor for further opportunities. We train your team and provide ongoing support. We organize community meetings for providers across the care continuum to develop awareness and utilization strategies for for social/community resources and to ensure all parties understand the needs of your high-risk population.

Our History

NTELLISIGHTS was developed in 2018 to address the ever-growing concerns surrounding readmissions and patient attrition. From this, we developed a customized solution that caters to your high-risk population. How did we do this? First, we developed a team with decades of experience in healthcare IT, data science, healthcare operations and administration. More importantly, we have decades of passion for supporting healthcare providers, facilities, payers, and patients. Let us put this knowledge and passion to work for you. 

Who We Support

NTELLISIGHTS solution suite supports healthcare entities that have engaged or are looking to engage in value-based care model reimbursements or want to mitigate revenue loss from patient leakage. This shift requires the provider to look at the patient holistically, understanding not only their immediate ailment, but behaviors, preferences, and future needs. 

We partner with healthcare organizations throughout the country, including:

  • Hospitals and Health Systems
  • Managed Care Organizations and Health Plans
  • Medicaid Programs
  • Community-Based Organizations (CBOs)

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