Our solution pairs machine learning and a dynamic, custom workflow solution to identify your high risk patients and determine a resolution protocol to improve outcomes. Our unique approach assesses rising risk and dynamically adjusts throughout a patient's care journey. The solution is multidimensional, utilizing clinical data as well as external socioeconomic, geographic, lifestyle, and behavioral factors to provide a holistic view of the patient. This approach allows for targeted and meaningful interventions regardless of where the patient is on the care continuum. With the NTELLISIGHTS solution suite and our exceptional advisory team, hospitals can improve outcomes, decrease patient attrition, and reduce avoidable adverse events and utilization.

Our mission is to provide healthcare organizations with solutions that support enterprise-level care coordination workflows, provide insights that produce evidence-based care plans, and focus on holistic, patient-centered care. While we appreciate The Triple Aim—enhancing patient experience, improving population health, and reducing costs—we have a sharp focus on expanding this practice to improving the work life of your health care clinicians and staff—The Quadruple Aim. We take user experience seriously. Come see how we can help you.

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Partnering to Achieve Your Goals

We believe in developing lasting partnerships with our clients. Your success is our success. You can count on us as we join your team as a primary collaborator and supporter to ensure you meet your goals. We have over 65 years of experience navigating the ever-emerging complexity of the healthcare landscape. Our team understands the pressures you face as you continuously adapt to better balance your patient population, regulatory constraints and increasing financial demands. We have 10+ years experience curating our predictive algorithms aimed at identifying high risk patients and further studying the best approaches and workflows for improving outcomes of your patients and your organization.